Monday, 17 October 2011

KCWC - A Sweet Dress For The Lil Mam

Ok...I confess. I didn't formally signed up for the challenge simply because I know me! I know how I could end up with just another unfinished project for my girls and later feels really bad about it....

But I went through with this one and am so proud of myself haha....The main push factor?? Our neighbor is having their girl's 2nd birthday party - so this lil mam wanted a new dress and she actually picked the fabrics herself!! So I complied & stayed up late to finish it. And since KCWC is still on, I decided to enter it there too :)

I wanted to sew something different & browsed through my pattern stash for something modern yet sweet for a birthday party. I decided on this pretty pattern by Lily Bird Studio. I love all her designs, and it was wonderful to know that the designer, Cecilia, once lived here in Malaysia! She has been very helpful whenever I need help regarding the pattern. 

I made the dress one size bigger for Hanan (5T) so that it would have a longer wear-time. As mentioned in my previous post, I LOVE the pleating detail of this dress. Pleating adds to a sophisticated look to the dress. All in all, great design, very satisfied with the outcome!

The lil mam could not agree more, as you can!

Have a beautiful week ahead my friends! *hugs*


  1. Gorgeous, Lil Mam has got some great farbic taste...hmm i wonder where she got that from? hehe
    Love the dress you always inspire to sew for my girls i've bought some fabric and i might just try this out once i organize my sewing room that is..

    Hope you have fun at the birthday party xxx

  2. ahhh... reading this post just makes me realized that i missed hanan so much. she looks as though she has grown few inches taller & very lady like in this dress. i guess the dress makes her look grown up, maybe she even feels all grown up. he3! is that the 'ballehina' shoes? *wink*

    hugs & kisses to the girls. take care dear!

  3. She does look lady like in the pics kan? reality, she's more of a tomboyish princess lol!

    Hugs to you n Mya too!

  4. She does look lady like in the pics kan? reality, she's more of a tomboyish princess lol!

    Hugs to you n Mya too!


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