Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tropical Beauty and A Fun Trade

I made this halter dress during the fasting month. It was one of the most satisfying project ever. So easy to sew and turned out really pretty on my little tropical beauty. I made it using the Ensley pattern by Noodles and Milk on Etsy.

The open back provides much needed airiness in our hot Malaysian weather and little miss Hanan is currently in her very active toddler phase, sweating ALL the time! Non stop jumping, running and dancing (you should see her dance, it's hilarious how she would swoop low and raise her feet high just like what she saw on So You Think You Can Dance!). And my, she's so chatty nowadays, she makes ME sweat sometimes with all her questions!

And how about that beautiful flower hair band? It came all the way from Puerto Rico! Yes, I had a fun trade with Katie from Miamoo Designs, where we traded handmade items just like the old barter system! Katie made the prettiest hairbands for little girls, love the pink Swarovsky crystals decked in the flower, thank you Katie! The Little Princess was so into her new hairband, she of course calls it her Pinchess hairband lol

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  1. What a lovely dress. Just like a little ray of sunshine!

  2. That's a real head turner! Nice play of fabrics zura, gorgeous.

  3. Zura the dress, the pattern, the fabrics the model are perfect so sha Allah

    Thank you so much for linking up to Sew Crafty Saturday

    You really inspire me to make something for my girls

  4. I love the dress. The fabric you used is beautiful.

  5. Zura-I LOVE this dress! Thanks for the lovely pics with beautiful Hanan wearing modeling the headband I made for her :) mind if I post it to my blog?


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