Sunday, 20 June 2010

Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Yeay, we got winners! 94 entries altogether, with so many sweet and wonderful birthday wishes (some are funny too! lol). Thank you friends for participating and commenting, I really, truly appreciate it.

With large number of entries, I could not manage to print out the names and let my girls choose the winner as in previous giveaway. So I had no choice but to rely on the good 'ol I first listed the entries in Excel Spreadsheet to get the assigned number or entries.

Since there are 2 winners, one local, one International, I had to press the button twice. If the first winner is a Malaysian, I will keep pressing the button until I get an International friend as the second winner, Vice Versa

Here goes!

1st Winner

Number 42 is Rozi Rahman! Congratulations Rozi!

2nd Winner

So the next one has to be an International entry. I tried 3 times until I get an International entry and surprisingly I got number 1!

I heard many times before that never select 1st and last entry, well its now proven wrong :)

The lucky number 1 is For The Love of Laundry! Congratulations! (I could not find your name :))

Both winners please email me your addresses so that I can send the fabrics asap.

Thank you all for playing! Me, well I got over my birthday all right, gotta get back to sewing! Later ya? Have a great week ahead!



  1. salam.. isk x lucky rupernyer.. anyway congrats to the winners and to zura too 4 organized it..

  2. Wahh Congrats to the winners !!! and what a birthday kan Zura with all the wishes .... Happy Birthday again !

  3. whooaahhh....congrats to both winners.. =]

  4. whoooh..hohoho..x lucky rupernya..emmph..
    congrate to d both winner..
    to kak zura..nnti buatla lg..lg..n lg..hihihihi
    pape pun..happy besday again..


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