Saturday, 15 May 2010

Isn't This Romantic? I Love Satin

I never would have thought I'd say I love sewing satin, but it's true. After sewing the pillowcase for mom and this romantic pleated wristlet in gold and the white satin flower brooch, I fell in love with them. Yes, they can be a pain to handle, so slippery and fray like crazy. But the overall look always spells luxury and romance....

I wanted to make this in silk, but found out the material is just too thin and delicate. This charmeuse satin is much more forgiving. And the main factor to consider when making this is the interfacing. I used fusible one, and the usual woven fusible interfacing I love to use with cotton just doesn't work. In the end I used the webby, poly type (I dunno the name), it's thinner and much more pliable after application minus the bubble effect on the satin fabric.

Tell me what do you think of this one? Coz I'm in the middle of writing an instruction/tutorial to sell for this design. Hope it will materialize by the time I come back from Saudi :)

I still have a few more sewing projects to post before I depart tonite. Stay tuned! 


  1. Such a gorgeous wristlet and satin gives it a luxe look...maybe black with diamante embellishment or a bold big bow?..I definitely love it! well-done Zura!

  2. i'll definitely akan beli your pattern... so lovely... yg specialnya buatan sendiri but the look just like beli kat boutique mahal tu... and jgn lupa beritahu interfacing apa yg perlu dibeli utk buat beg ni in your pattern...

    boleh ke nak tempah dgn you aje..

    please contact me at :

  3. Absolutely wonderful this one in satin! It looks so elegant! And that colour is so beautiful! I do love it! Looking forward to the tutorial.

  4. It is absolutely elegant!!!!!


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