Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Love From Oman

Yeay! I won the 100th post giveaway hosted by the lovely, very creative lady, Nima at Made to Treasure. I chose the Sew group as that is me at the moment. I do plan to venture into other branches of the craft such as embroidery and crochet, but will take it slow as I've yet to finish exploring the wide realm of the sewing world! So many things to learn and do, so little time...

Nima lives in Oman. So receiving the parcel is special to me. And when I open it oh how wonderful! She included 3 surprise crocheted coasters in the most beautiful of colors! I especially am in love with the purple combo. I'm also thinking these could be turned into a flower embelishment :)

Will now think of a project to sew these lovelies and turn them into a special creation. Thank you Nima for hosting the giveaway and most importantly for your friendship even if we only know each other in blogland :)


  1. Zura...glad to know that the parcel reached there safely...and you love the little crochet surprise

  2. Puan, bestnyer... hehe..
    Puan, sudilah kiranya menerima award di blog saya.. tq..

  3. Puan, dah nak further study ek? kat mana? Bestnyer...


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