Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sew It - Wall Organizer

Yeay, I finished my Wall Organizer for this week's Sew It!

I've missed a few weeks of Sew It mainly because I usually sew along with a project that I voted and really wanna make for myself. Was so happy this week the wall organizer project won coz I've wanted to make one for so long. It is made from this instructions.

The construction was easy however I found the material is just too thin. Once hanged and stuffed, the pockets sort of pull the backing forward making it a bit floppy.

I assumed when the instruction says Canvas for the backing and pockets, it means cotton canvas. So I chose heavy canvas cotton from Ikea for both the backing and the pockets plus medium weight, quilting cotton in zebra print for the background. The pockets have deep 1" pleats which I'm not sure I did right.

But still, I love my wall organizer, more room to store all those little sewing trinkets! :D


  1. You managed to make it and it look wondering love the black on white with the blue.
    I am working on mine today thanks for taking part :)

  2. I want to make one as well.. but haven't started yet.. uhuhuh loving the black and white theme..

  3. wow..that looks nice...i like it

  4. Very nice, Zura, Its been ages since I have added any comments on any blog, I have actually taken a break from sewing, due to my son's board examiantions, going on. Waiting eagerly to start sewing.

  5. congrats zura dapat buat sesuatu yang baru selalu.. :-)

    i think if you buat strap untuk gantung tu a bit wider, mungkin dia tak jadi floppy kot.. akak rasa jelah.. :-)

  6. ha! i sewed one of this letak kat pintu for all our winter stuff! but tak ikut the tutorial, i just buat my way jer. yours looks great!

  7. Very nice! Glad I found all these new sewing blogs. There are so many great ideas out there I don't know where to start!

  8. The fabrics you chose are wonderful, the Black and white combo is so nice and cheerful. Congrats to a great job

  9. Hi Zura, found you from Mayya's site. Great job on the wall hanging. I hope to make one too and it is just too bad that I did not get it done this week. Just wanted to say that!


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