Friday, 18 December 2009

My Fabric Fetish

When I reassesed my sewing room early this morning, I realized that my habit needs a little bit of controlling. It's not news that I love fabrics and I have been a constant gatherer for many years already. I just love fabrics especially natural cotton and linen. I used to sell fabrics too but decided to stop and focus more on creating/sewing. However, since I work fulltime, I can't sew/create fast enough to deplete my stash, so now the fabrics are taking up space. I mean they are everywhere!!

Here, bursting in the closet (I don't even have time to refold and organize 'em).
Peeking from inside here in the WIP bucket.
Some more in this box.
In drawers down here.

And more boxes up there!
And many more under the table and behind the door in rolls!!
Hmmm...what do I do? I might destash one day (or perhaps not! I love 'em all **hoard,hoard** :P)
Okay I got it!
An atonement.
I'll be having my first fabric giveaway soon and share some love with all you lovely readers.
Check back often ya? **Hugs!**


  1. wow, that's a lot of fabric.. thought my stash was out of control.. looking at your stash makes my stash look like a sissy.. hahahaha
    yea..yea to the fabric giveaway.. please oh please don't say it's only for those residing in Malaysia :(

  2. zura... aku baru nak tanya pasal fabric yg ko ade sbb semua cantik2... hahaha... xde yg nak let go? hihihi...

    aku teringin nak beli designer fabrics tapi giler mahal shipping dia.. tu fikir 28 kali tu...

  3. Oh WOW!! I love it!! So much fabric to choose from - and mix & match!! I'm so jealous!! My fabric stash look pitiful next to yours!! I'd LOVE a fabric giveaway too!!

  4. My sister used to store her fabric overflow in an unused bathroom. In the bathtub. It all looked normal till you pulled back the shower curtain... :)

  5. Hooray to a fabric givewaway!!!

  6. ladies, the giveaway is coming! :)

    anne - I can totally relate to your sister lol :)

  7. mai - if ada yang nak let go aku annouce ya? memang ada a few for sale, belum sempat nak post. nanti aku nak post special entry pasal kain coz actually kat sini pun ada (tak banyak), tapi harga 2x5 je ngan beli direct+shipping...

  8. Zura, I tought my fabric collections dah banyak, ada lagi yang more and more and more than me...

    Kena buat yard sale ni.. kalau tak u tak boleh beli fabric yg lain dah.. wink wink wink..

    Anything pinky that you want to let go, bgtau Ina ek...

  9. LOL, i can relate, perhaps i should take a picture of my NEW fabric storage!! you sure jeles nyer..i almost pengsan when hubby said i can have the 2 door closet to put my fabric!

  10. ina - memang nak buat destash before i gi sambung belajar tunggu ya.. :)

    aida - mak aii...2 door closet license from hubby me, show me!!

  11. A gal after my own heart. I don't know what is worse, collecting tons of fabric or studying pics of other fabric collectors to see what they have! =) Seriously, sitting here naming the fabric lines! =)

  12. zura, this was taken in september

    and like a fabric-o-holic, it has grown considerably!

  13. oh dear...that's a lot..and my friends hear already calling me a fabric maniac:P now I feel better I feel I see yours..I mean, I'm not alone..*kidding*...Happy crafting


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